The TV game is a mixture of sports and logic games combined with top speed adventures around the world using the latest advances in science and technology in land, sea and air transport. Sports games based on diving. They are the main mechanism for the development of the system.

Tasks: train staff, determine the best employees, conduct research expeditions, raise the channel's rating, provide the channel's business association with hidden advertising of goods and services. Casting of the leading channel.


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the world is in your hands


LIVE 24/7 Chillout collectionRadio 999 Evolution
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enjoy live streaming WORLD OCEAN RADIO

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Step into the perfect space! Radio 999 is the evolution of the chillout world, created especially for you  Enjoy the best compositions in different styles. 8 radio streams are combined into one broadcast. World Ocean Radio is now available in real time 24 hours a day. Have a nice day!

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