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The problem is open and official. Therefore, the Foundation creates an open to society structure of the World Ocean - EVOLUTION SYSTEM, which is under the guidance and control of the Foundation. In essence, these are 11 organizations united by goals, interests and tasks, capable of working as one organism and performing assigned tasks quickly, efficiently and without restrictions in all sectors of the World Ocean. In terms of development, the System controls 486 sectors of the planet permanently and mobile. Each governor in a certain sector uses all the available tools of the System to accomplish the assigned tasks.


From a modern point of view, the Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit public organization based on the membership of individuals, with a charter, attributes, symbols, rituals, organizational structure, treasury and other property. This organization pursues certain goals and objectives for the achievement of which it was created and carries out activities.

The fund was created to control the use of the world's oceans.
This applies to all bodies of water in the world, including freshwater. The Foundation supports and develops scientists, athletes and creative people who are ready to make efforts to achieve a common goal: control of the world's oceans, accounting for the flora and fauna of water bodies, the rational use of resources and the development of organizations that are somehow related to the World Ocean.


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Step into the perfect space! Radio 999 is the evolution of the chillout world, created especially for you  Enjoy the best compositions in different styles. 8 radio streams are combined into one broadcast. World Ocean Radio is now available in real time 24 hours a day. Have a nice day!

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