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The idea is that you can create a club of like-minded people that can bring together 999 influential people.
The mechanism of unification is the World Ocean System - "EVOLUTION SYSTEM", created and controlled by the club, which includes large sources of income, exclusive recreation, PR and the development of personal organizations of each member of the club.
The most interesting thing is that the club itself in the System performs only the role of "LEADERSHIP AND CONTROL", being the owner of the benefits. For all positions in the management of the System, only the club has the right to appoint managers. Such laws were approved during the creation of the Alliance - the core of the System.


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LIVE 24/7 Chillout collectionRadio 999 Evolution
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Step into the perfect space! Radio 999 is the evolution of the chillout world, created especially for you  Enjoy the best compositions in different styles. 8 radio streams are combined into one broadcast. World Ocean Radio is now available in real time 24 hours a day. Have a nice day!

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